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Undergraduate Programms (Education)

B. Ed. (Hons) 4 Years Program

The 4 years B.Ed. (Hons) program has been crafted to prepare classroom teachers having mastery of content with pedagogical competence and professional commitment grounded in moral integrity. Ensuring the achievement of expected learning outcomes by students to the fullest of their abilities will be the hallmark of these teachers. For this purpose they will be equipped with skills in identifying the differential needs of the individual learner and the ways and means to address those needs through appropriate teaching-learning and supportive strategies. The students will also learn the skills to conduct action research in the classroom, school and community. Experiential and clinical approach of preparing teachers using schools of the Leads System will help to relate theory to practice and link the community to the school in its true sense. The prospective teachers will also be encouraged to develop a culture of tolerance and peace in their schools for sustainable development at the national and global levels.

Entry Requirement

F.A./F.Sc. / A Level/ Equivalent with minimum 2nd Division Preference will be given to those who have studied school subjects at the Intermediate Level.

Duration of the Program:

Four years/ 8 semesters

Semester Duration:

16-18 weeks

Master in Education (M. Ed.) One year

Program Description:

Transcending the historic separation between the study of language and the study of literature, which has led to the limited role of the either, this program ensures an efficient synergy between linguistics and literature. This integrated approach is based on the premise that literature is language and language can indeed be literary. So the focus is on introducing students to seminal works in the disciplines of literature and linguistics. The programme moves beyond the traditional disciplinary segregation within English Studies and seeks to interface Literature and Linguistics, thus offering an uncompartmentalised approach to the subjects studied.

Scheme of Studies:

  1. Compulsory Courses: Six/ 18 credit hours
  2. Specialization Courses: Three/9 credit hours
  3. Electives: Two/ 6 credit Hours

Specialization Areas

  1. Educational Administration and Leadership
  2. Curriculum and Instruction
  3. Teacher Education


  1. Early Childhood Education
  2. Teaching Reading at Elementary and Secondary classes
  3. Comparative Education
  4. Trends and Issues in Education

MA English Literature

Program Description:

The program primarily aims to develop and promote literary scholarship among the participants by providing them with necessary tools and training for the purpose. We, in the course of the program, look forward to enable our students contribute effectively to the ongoing academic discussion on multiple issues in the field of literary studies. We propose an in-depth study of the defined areas of study in Literature while focusing mainly on those of contemporary relevance and significance. The courses offered have been designed to facilitate the development and establishment of specialist knowledge and competence with an underlying aim to promote an understanding and awareness of scholarly literature and research in English studies. We ultimately target the encouragement and development of skills and knowledge related to independent inquiry in order to ensure the success of our students at both academic and research levels.

Program Objectives:

The program aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. To understand the historical context surrounding literary works including the political, social, religious, and artistic milieu.

2. Identify elements of poetry such as basic rhythms, meters, and rhyme schemes; uses of metaphor; the conventions of poetic forms.

3. Identify the elements of prose genres (fiction, drama, satire): plot, setting, character, theme, irony, and argument.

4. Articulate a critical position or interpretation; gather and use textual or critical evidence to support a particular interpretation.

Scheme of Studies:

The students will study 22 courses in four semesters over a period of 2 years. Each course is of 3 credit hours. Total 72 CH: 66 CH in taught courses and 06 CH in thesis. The summary of the scheme of studies is as under:

SEMESTER I -------------------------- YEAR-1
Sr. No.Course TitleCredit Hours
1.  History of English Literature3
2.  Classical and Elizabethan Drama3
3.  Novel3
4.  Prose3
5.  Classical Poetry3
6.  Literary Criticism3
1.  Jacobean and Neo- Classical Poetry3
2.  Victorian Drama 3
3.  Victorian Fiction3
4.  Prose3
5.  American Literature (Prose and Fiction)3
6.  Restoration Comedy3
SEMESTER III -------------------------- YEAR-2
1.  Romantic and Modern Poetry3
2.  American Literature (Poetry and Drama)3
3.  Literary Theory 3
4.  Introduction to Linguistics3
5.  Research Methodology3
1.  Modern Drama3
2.  Contribution of Linguistics to Literature/Stylistics3
3.  Pakistani Literature in English3
4.  Postcolonial Fiction3
5.  *Research Dissertation/ 2 optional courses 6

Entry Requirements:

1. BA with 2nd Class (overall+ in the relevant subject)

2. Applicants with B.Sc. degree (100-mark English subject) will not be entertained.

Mode of Evaluation:

Based on the subject matter of the courses taught, students’ academic performance will be evaluated on the basis of written examinations (mid and final term), book reviews, written assignments (term papers), demonstrations and presentations.

MS/ MPhil in Education

Program Description:

The Program has been designed to prepare graduate students as professionals who understand the in-country and global academics as well as practices in the field of education, can provide thoughtful and strategic leadership in educational institutions, can conduct applied and action research and use it for effective decision making. The program is distinctive in providing various strands suitable to the needs, interests and professional backgrounds of the learners. Thesis, a requisite for MPhil degree, further helps to tailor the program to fit the particular area of academic and professional interest of the individual student.

Entry/ Admission Requirements

Academic Qualification: Sixteen years of schooling including Master degree in Education/Teaching (M.Ed./MA Education /Equivalent) or Four Year B.Ed. (Hons) from an HEC recognized university or degree awarding institute (DAI) with minimum 2nd Division or CGPA=2.5