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Chairperson's Message:

I welcome you to the Lahore Leads University, a nascent but a fast growing higher education institution in the private sector, which has the mission to become one of the finest universities at the national and the global level through preparing human resource having high professional standards of competence and morality. For the realization of our mission we prioritize on creating enabling teaching-learning environment by engaging highly qualified faculty, providing state of the art class rooms, well stocked library and up-to-date information communication technology. Inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches provide extended horizons of learning and intellectual sharing. The University is keen to develop a research culture that will contribute significantly to the knowledge pool and economic growth of the country. We also ensure the relevance of the curricula and activities to the ever changing economic and social needs in consultation with the stakeholders and follow up of the graduates of the University. Active collaboration with industry, business world and other academic institutions is a continuous process. For international linkage we have alliances and collaborative partnership with some foreign universities This University feels its responsibility to open the doors of higher education to people of all ages; fresh from educational institutions as well as on-job interested in upgrading their knowledge and academic qualifications. Therefore, we offer morning, evening and week-end programs. Special to mention are the various graduate studies programs (M Phil/MS). The University can rightly take pride of the good size of its graduate student body.

We are conscious of the social responsibility role of universities and I hope that soon we will be able to create a resilient and sustainably developing society leading to a prosperous Pakistan.

Dr Syed Manzar Abbas Shah
Chairperson Education Department Lahore Leads University


Lahore Leads University is a fast growing institution managed by the Leads Education Welfare Trust. The University offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various branches of knowledge. New disciplines are added to respond to the market needs as well as to lead the society in attaining a respectable position in the highly competitive knowledge world. The Trust has an ever growing network of allied colleges and schools. The mission of the University is, thus, to extend the horizons of quality education to all levels -from pre-school to advanced degree programs and it firmly believes that only quality teachers, researchers, leaders and educationists in various branches of education can lead to the realization of this mission. Establishment of the Department of Education in the Faculty of Humanities and Arts is an exhibit of this mission.


Emerge as a quality institution in the discipline of Education/ teaching-learning.


To prepare competent, committed, resilient and socially responsible educationists, teachers, scholars and researchers who may join and advance the profession of Education to create knowledge based society thriving in the globally changing environment and ensuring sustainable development. Teaching-learning strategies at the Department will take the students beyond the classroom into the field of work i.e. the schools, colleges, educational organizations and community at large so that the gap between theory and practice could be bridged to the maximum. The Department also aims at promoting collaborative and collegial interdisciplinary teaching-learning and research culture in the University.